Prix demandé :€ 8.250
Modèle:Daf TE85XF CF 410
Année de fabrication: 2006
No. de Série XLRTE85MCOE737781
Couleur de Base Red
Poids 7,500.00 kg
Puissance 410.00 kW

Bodywork: Standard tractor
Front axle: Tyre size: 385/65/22.5; Tyre profile left outer: 45%; Tyre profile right outer: 45%; Brakes: disc brakes; Suspension: leaf suspension
Rear axle: Tyre size: 315/80/22.5; Tyre profile left inner: 40%; Tyre profile left outer: 40%; Tyre profile right outer: 40%; Tyre profile right outer: 40%; Brakes: disc brakes; Suspension: air suspension
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine type: Paccar daf MX300 s2
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
VAT/margin: VAT not deductable (margin scheme)
Trailer Tractor

Manufacturer: Daf
Type: CF85 - 410
Engine: PACCAR MX300 6 cillinder EUR5
Fuel: Diesel / BIO diesel / rapeseed oil
Greten technique Biodiesel system
Year of construction: 20-09-2006
mileage: 773,550

video link: https://youtu.be/AEy_ZZSYsBA

Transmission: ZF AS Tronic 12
Cruise control
Bio diesel system
Automatic Slope Brake
Hydraulic system 1 and 2 pipe system
Automatic engine brake
Daf Car kit with steering wheel control
Air conditioner
Heating position
VDO Kimax 2 Weigh system

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