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Modèle: 55 AF EXF
Année de fabrication: 2015

N.5 axles with pneumatic suspensions 11 ton, 19” SAF disc brakes 5th axle air-lifting Total length 15,860 mm Loading floor length 13,360 mm, straight frame Drawbar length 2,500 mm, Jost Type: YC25011005200 Width 2,550 mm Gross weight 55,000 kg – Pay load 47,100 kg - Tare Weight 7,900 kg Height of charge zone 1,150 mm. High strength steel Domex 500 + Domex 700 Braking system EBS 4 S 3 M knorr bremse with integrated ASR system Electric system CEE 24 V, Aspock N.2 pneumatic valves for adjusting height of charge zone Surface treatment: Sandblasting+ Painting; color option at customer’s choice N. 20 tires 265/70 R 19.5 - Torque, steel rims N.1 lateral tool box 1000x500x500 mm CE European Homologation

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